As previously reported, Intercruises’ ‘Plastic Fishing Tour’ is one of the three final tours competing for the Seatrade Innovative Shorex Award. However, this tour was actually one of four tours submitted following a simple internal competition, where product teams from around the world send descriptions of their most innovative tours to be evaluated by a panel of Intercruises global experts. For 2020, the tours were evaluated in three key areas:

  • Original – Is it a new or unique experience?
  • Appeal – How popular will the tour be with cruise guests? 
  • COVID – Is the excursion practical with new safety protocols? 

Below you can read through brief descriptions of each of the other three tours submitted.

Three great tours, from three picturesque locations (L-R): Australia, Mauritius and Italy – Venice specifically, where one of the Fincantieri shipyards is located. 

How a cruise ship is born: Fincantieri Shipyard – Italy 

Would you like to see where and how a cruise ship is born (possibly even the cruise ship on which you are sailing)? Join this unique visit to a Fincantieri Shipyard, led by a guide that worked at the shipyard, who will provide expert insight. Often overlooked by mainstream tourism, shipbuilding is an Italian tradition dating back centuries and Fincantieri is one of the world’s largest and most innovative shipbuilding organizations, which has built 65 cruise ships since 2002, with another 55 currently being designed. You will see all stages of construction, from the sheet metal park, to pre-assembly and the final set-up.

Wild Ocean Exploration – Mauritius 

An exclusive and educational tour designed and led by an expert Oceanographer who has worked for the United Nations, European Union and National Geographic. Strictly for a maximum of six guests, who will join a two person crew on a modern and fully equipped 28ft cabin cruiser to explore the waters surrounding Mauritius. You will develop an understanding of the ecosystem, encounter diverse sea life while snorkeling or diving, hear about wrecks and local urban legends, visit two sparsely populated islet nature reserves and enjoy a sumptuous BBQ on the beach.

The Million Dollar Barramundi – Australia 

A potentially highly rewarding experience for two fishing enthusiasts. The Barramundi is a fish that all anglers dream of catching at one stage and you now have the chance during the fishing trip of a lifetime. Every year in Australia, the Northern Territory’s Million Dollar Fish campaign takes place, supporting a number of local charities. Several Barramundi are secretly tagged and released into the wild. The tag on each fish relates to an amount of prize money, ranging from AUD$2,500 – AUD$1,000,000. If an angler catches the fish, they can claim the prize money. This experience includes a chartered helicopter piloted by a very respected local fishing guru, who will take you to some of the most remote fishing locations on the planet, with stunning aerial views on the way.

For more information on any of these tours, please get in touch.

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