Corporate governance

Health & safety procedures, an ongoing commitment to sustainable practices and the implementation of work practices aligned to local and international legal standards


Intercruises has signed the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism – a set of principles that focuses on best practice, implemented by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and supported by the United Nations (UN).

Intercruises’ in-house health & safety team coordinates all health & safety related activities. This includes international and local health & safety and emergency response procedures, ongoing risk assessment, emergency response and care team training for all teams, with over 400 trained care team personnel, covering 34 countries.

We recognize the importance of the environment, communities and cultures within which we operate and we are committed to sustainable development and having a positive impact on society. Our Sustainability Policy establishes the framework for identifying, monitoring and improving aspects of our company’s environmental and social performance.

In November 2012, we became a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) a principle-based-framework dedicated to the implementation of better business practices, primarily in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption encouraging business to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and to report on their implementation.

Intercruises has designed a Sustainability Management System that aims to measure, monitor, and define actions to improve the quality and sustainability performance of our operations. Control Union has certificated that the standard is in compliance with GSTC Tour Operator Criteria, Version 3.

Intercruises prioritizes the security of guests, crew and staff. Our in-house team has developed various best practices, including training courses on security awareness and identifying suspicious behavior/items, a demonstration on bus safety, recommendations on how to respond to weapon threats and checklists for the inspection of vehicles and venues, as well as recommendations on various venue security measures. Furthermore, local Intercruises teams work closely alongside local law enforcement. Additionally in 2017 we introduced our shore excursion safety system; SafeAshore™.

An official statement on Intercruises’ commitment to comply with ISO 9001 standards and to endeavour to maintain a continual and measurable improvement to our quality management system.