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Active and Adventure

Participating in land, air and water activities.

Alternative Transport: Moving around using local public transport or more unique options, such as tuk-tuks, side-cars or bicycles.

In-the-Air: Flying high or traveling via cable-suspended vehicles.

Great Outdoors: Spending time in the natural setting of a destination.

Water Activities: Taking part in activities on or submerged in water (swimming pool, sea/ocean, lake, river, waterfall).

History and Culture

Discovering a destination’s past and experiencing its present.

Culinary: Discovering and/or sampling the local gastronomy and produce.

Cultural: Learning about a destination’s arts and traditions.

Flora and Fauna: Exploring the local plant and animal life.

Historical: Finding out about a destination’s past.

Seasonal Events: Experiencing local or international events that only take place during certain times of the year.

VIP Access: Visiting venues exclusively, at times not usually open to the public, or accessing restricted areas.

Interests and Learning

Gaining a new skill or practicing a hobby.

New Technologies: Using technology as a main component of a tour, such as VR/AR, holograms, 3D and 4D.

Special Interest: Practicing a specific interest or hobby, often with a specialist in the field.

Sports Enthusiasts: Watching or participating in a sport or visiting a sports venue.

Travel to Learn: Participating in a class or workshop through which a new skill can be learned, improved or practiced.

Leisure and Well-Being

Relaxing, having fun or indulging oneself.

Beach: Relaxing on the beach.

Independent: Discovering a destination with a flexible schedule and high degree of independence.

Nightlife and Entertainment: Enjoying a destination’s evening activities, which may feature live entertainment, as well as food and drink.

Shopping: Exploring a destination’s shopping facilities.

Theme, Amusement and Water Parks: Having fun during a day with friends and/or family.

Wellness, Fitness and Spa: Encouraging a healthy lifestyle or practicing mind and body well-being.

Local Immersion

Connecting with the local community and/or supporting local initiatives.

Act Local: Engaging in activities that support local initiatives.

Local Insight: Connecting with the local community and/or environment in an interactive way.