National Geographic Expeditions and Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services present National Geographic Day Tours, shorter discovery experiences based on National Geographic’s unparalleled storytelling and spirit of exploration.

Limited to small groups and led by National Geographic-trained guides who are subject matter experts in their fields, these guided tours are designed to offer premium, enriching and immersive experiences that will satisfy the curiosity of your cruise guests.

With a focus on culture, history, nature, adventure, gastronomy, photography and conservation, these tours blend exclusive access and hands-on experiences with opportunities to forge human connections with the people we meet all around the world.

Our difference

Access. Immerse yourself in real destinations.
National Geographic opens doors around the globe, and our relationships with scientists, storytellers, museums, and active research sites allow us special access to places and people. Built around visiting historically and culturally significant attractions and exploring the nature and wildlife of a destination, these tours offer exclusive access or hands-on experiences where possible.​

Knowledge. Be enriched by our guides.
These tours are led by guides who are trained by National Geographic and your travelers are enriched by the knowledge of the local experts we meet along the way. These knowledgeable local guides will help them to explore the destination through the lens of National Geographic and deepen their understanding of the world.

Give Back. Make a difference.
Based on our commitment to sustainable tourism, all National Geographic Day Tours meet the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria, and a portion of the proceeds from these tours goes back to the National Geographic Society to fund research and sustainable programs around the world.

Local Immersion. Meet local people.
These tours offer true local immersion, spending quality time with local communities, because National Geographic believes that when travelers truly understand a place and its people, they feel more inspired to protect it.

Storytelling. Be part of National Geographic.
All tours deliver incredible stories about the places we visit, often based on National Geographic’s unparalleled content and research. Our objective is to go deeper into the destination and its people, making travelers reflect on the different current realities all over the globe.

Portfolio scope

National Geographic Day Tours launch in 2023, with 66 unique and authentic tours available in 7 Mediterranean countries, with more itineraries and destinations to be added in 2024 and beyond.

The lineup of the initial 66 National Geographic Day Tours will include experiences in the following destinations: Marseille, Rome, Naples, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Tenerife, Arrecife, Gran Canaria, Funchal, Dubrovnik, Kusadasi, Athens, Corfu, Mykonos, Rhodes and Santorini.

For each destination, we offer different levels of itineraries with varying price points, durations, and inclusions, to cater for different audiences. Our smaller groups from 8 to 25 travelers create a more personal and intimate experience and allow access to smaller, local venues. The global geographical scope of the portfolio ensures a broad offering, while prioritizing operational quality and customer service excellence.

The National Geographic Day Tours are among the most immersive, educational and sustainable tours on the market, and have been designed to enhance the shorex portfolio of any cruise line.

Tour examples

Some highlights of the initial National Geographic Day Tours portfolio include:

The Salt Flats of La Esperanza
Seize the rare opportunity to explore a salt flat and witness a captivating demonstration of an artesanal salt extraction, led by a master salt farmer. Extract fleur de sel under the guidance of specialists, before exploring aquaculture areas of curly oyster cultivation. Enjoy the incredible landscape and observe diverse bird species, all while learning about the preservation of the salt flat´s ecosystem.

Paris: The City of Book Lovers
Designed for anyone with a passion for books, explore Paris’s profound literary history with guided visits to the Bibliothèque Nationale Française, an exclusive meeting with one of the Seine’s historic ‘Bouquinistes’ – booksellers – and a trip to the iconic Shakespeare & Co. bookstore.

Amsterdam: From Seabed to Vibrant Wetlands in Nieuw Land
Discover the Netherlands’ pioneering approach to creating and preserving nature, fostering a harmonious co-existence between people and wildlife. Explore Oostvaardersplassen by eco-car with a National Geographic-trained forestry guide, and witness konik horses, red deer, and a plethora of bird species in this dynamic habitat. Cruise the Northern Locks and Zuiderzee works on a traditional fishing boat, before delving into the Makerwadden’s significance in the aquatic ecosystem rejuvenation with a specialist ranger.

Gragnano: The Epicenter of Dried Pasta Production
Explore the rich history of pasta in Gragnano, the global hub of dried pasta production, guided by a historian, and join a volunteer historian and retired miller to hear captivating stories about Gragnano’s international acclaim. Visit restored mills in the Valley of the Mills, strategically positioned between Sorrento, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast, and go behind the scenes in the factory to witness the pasta-making process, gaining a deep appreciation for the artistry involved.

Lisbon: Taste the Atlantic Connection
Explore the Atlantic-facing region north and west of Lisbon and see how the ocean’s influence impacts gastronomy, microclimate, biodiversity, and the local community. Taste echoes of the Atlantic at a Bucelas Wine Museum before visiting Ericeira, a typical fishing village turned sought-after surf destination. Visit the harbor to meet local fishermen and enjoy an exclusive lunch prepared by them while learning about the local respect for natural ocean cycles and the safeguarding of sea urchin.

The Story of Poljica
Embark on a exploration of the medieval republic of Poljica with a visit to St. George’s point and the Historical Museum, guided by the captivating story of Mila Gojsalić. Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and unique lifestyle of the locals, participating in their silent circle dance and discovering the story behind the UNESCO-listed traditional dish, Soparnik.

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