Intercruises Runner-Up for Innovative Shorex Award 2018

We’re very pleased to announce that Intecruises was awarded Runner-Up for this year’s Innovative Shorex Award 2018, in recognition of its Panda Sanctuary CSR Program in Sichuan, China. 

The Panda Sanctuary CSR Program tour allows guests to help improve the lives of panda bears through a real hands-on experience. The Giant Panda Sanctuaries in Sichuan is home to more than 30% of the world’s pandas and is among one of the world’s most important sites for captive breeding. The sanctuaries also constitute the largest remaining contiguous habitat of the giant panda and includes seven nature reserves and nine scenic parks in the Quionglai and Jiajin Mountains, all spread over 9245km2. 

The Dujiangyan Panda Base and Center for Disease Control aims to treat ill and injured panda bears in the comfort of their natural habitat. Under the supervision of official trainers, guests are invited on site to discover and learn about the pandas’ living habits while caring for them, preparing their food and ensuring their environment remains clean. Although making direct contact with the creatures is not permitted, this thrilling, up-close experience focuses on sustainability, and helps to spread global awareness while allowing guests to acquire a good understanding of the life of a species that is so symoblic of both China, and Asia.

What makes this excursion innovative? Fundamentally, the tour supports an established and Government-recognized institution that significantly improves the lives of a species that has been under the threat of extinction for some time. The program also helps to shift potential preconceptions when it comes to the treatment of animals in Asia. Although still vulnerable, the Panda Bear now has a more favorable status, and programs such as this – developed in their natural habitat – can help to set a precedent for more sustainable and positive wildlife experiences, ultimately shaping the future of wildlife tourism across the continent.

Intercruises’ Seatrade Innovative Shorex Awards Record: 

2009: Runners Up 2010: Winners – “Mamas & Tapas“ 

2011: Ineligible to enter due to winning in the previous year 

2012: Winners- “Greek Theatre Past & Present“ 2013: Ineligible to enter due to winning in the previous year 2014: Runners Up 

2015: First Year not being nominated 

2016: Winners – “Hidden City Tours” (Tour Description below) 

2017: Ineligible to enter due to winning in the previous year 

2018: Runners Up 

The awards were held at the Seatrade Cruise Med in Lisbon, Portugal. and was open to all shorex providers.

For more information regarding this, or any of our shore excursions, please contact Carmen Morosan.