We’re thrilled to announce that three of our fantastic shore excursions in Australia, United States and Sri Lanka, have been shortlisted for this year’s Best Excursion category at the Wave Awards 2021.

Since the launch of the awards in 2017, Intercruises has received a total of five nominations and has won the following:

  • Best UK Excursion 2017 (Winner)
  • Best Use of Technology 2018 (Winner)
  • Best Excursion 2019 (Runner-Up) 

This year’s winners will be announced during the upcoming awards ceremony on October 15th in London.

Chasing Waterfalls from the Skies – Litchfield, Australia

Litchfield National Park is a must-see in Australia and there is no better way to take in the vast and diverse beauty of the region than from the air. Guests take their very own private helicopter for a spin across Litchfield’s various terrains, from arid rock to vibrant greenery, and make a final stop at the breathtaking (and only accessible by helicopter) Proposal Falls. Here they can choose to take a bath in the refreshing waters, or simply relish the moment of complete seclusion.

This experience connects cruise guests with once-unreachable locations of spectacular natural beauty in Australia. It also gives them the thrill and excitement of their very own helicopter ride – a memory they will remember forever!

Behind-the-Scenes at the Marine Mammal Center – San Francisco, USA

A highly interactive insight into the inspirational work carried out at an organization leading the field in ocean protection through marine mammal rescue, veterinary science and education. Intercruises has worked closely with the center to create an informative and unique experience for cruise guests that is helping to shape the future of marine mammal conservation and well-being worldwide.

The center is an integral part of the local community and works closely with the local inhabitants and schools to help spread awareness for their crucial cause. This tour aims to share the importance of their work, as well as provide guests with a solid understanding of the global situation regarding marine life and how they can help to do their bit, even after their return home. Through this collaboration, Intercruises has helped to sustain an organization and its vital endeavor to help the local ecosystem.

Agro Village – Colombo, Sri Lanka

This unique, innovative experience has been designed and developed through an exclusive collaboration with the local community of Millaniya, Sri Lanka. The tour, which has welcomed thousands of cruise guests since its inception in 2018, has transformed a humble multi-crop farm into a thriving community, now self-sufficient enough to sustain an entire micro economy.

This experience manages to create a direct and indirect income for approximately 100 local families in the village and encourages the implementation of sustainable practices such as the use of natural carbonic fertilizers in their agricultural activities. It also supports the ongoing development of several village schools and basic child facilities.

About the Wave Awards

The Wave Awards is the UK’s premier awards for the cruise industry, and serve to benchmark industry standards while recognizing, rewarding and celebrating innovation and excellence within the sector.

Fingers crossed for a win this year!