Intercruises APAC rises against hunger

During a recent APAC workshop in the Philippines, 32 team members from the region took part in the First 1000 Days CSR program. Recognized and supported by the international NGO Rise Against Hunger, the program supports mothers and their young children in Manila by providing them with enough nutritional food packages to last them six months. 

The team were required to carefully measure and separate the produce which was then distributed to make 505 individual meal packages, each containing rice, soy, dried vegetables/fruits, flavoring mixes, as well as vitamin and mineral sachets. All products were locally sourced. 

“The team felt this was such a meaningful event, as not only were they able to help the beneficiaries with the meals, but also help to support the local community, as all products were either produced by local families or grown on community land.” 

Nora Ahmad Sulhan, Regional Support Executive Asia

The First 1,000 Days concept, refers to the time between conception and a child’s first two years of life. This time period is considered a unique “window of opportunity,” and considered a critical period for growth and development. During pregnancy, a well-balanced nutritious diet promotes optimal development of babies’ rapidly growing brains and sets the stage for healthy food preferences.