Innovative Shorex Award: Marine Mammal Center

Marine Mammal Center

We are delighted that our tour “Behind the Scenes at the Marine Mammal Center” was one of the three finalists for the Seatrade Innovative Shorex Award 2019. As part of Intercruises’ commitment to Innovation and Sustainability, we are keen to increase awareness of biodiversity preservation by supporting the work of organizations in this area, such as the Marine Mammal Center.

Behind the Scenes at the Marine Mammal Center – San Francisco, USA 

The Marine Mammal Center is leading the way in ocean conservation through inspirational work in marine mammal rescue, veterinary science and education, with a focus on seals, sea-lions, otters, whales and dolphins. This shorex provides a highly interactive insight:

• See patients being treated and learn how scientists nurse these animals back to health 

• Understand the innovative technologies used at the center

• Find out about threats to marine mammal safety and how to reduce these threats 

• Hear from marine specialists about ongoing investigations into ecosystem issues 

• Prepare the next perfectly nutritious fish smoothie for the centers' 150+ patients 

• Adopt a patient and stay informed about their recovery progress 

An emotional, enriching and educational experience that gives back to the destination wildlife, including a % of tour revenue going toward funding food and medical treatments.  

Seals and sea-lions are the main patients at the Marine Mammal Center. Carmen Morosan collects the Runner-Up certificate.

Ongoing Innovation

Intercruises is the most successful business in the history of the Seatrade Innovative Shorex Award, winning three times and finishing Runner Up four times: 

• Winner: 2010 - Mamas & Tapas (Spain)2012 - Greek Theatre Past & Present (Greece); 2016 - Hidden City Tour (Spain) 

• Runner Up: 2009 - Bluff Cove Lagoon Tour (The Falklands); 2014 - Tra Que Vegetable Village & Lantern Making (Vietnam); 2018 - Panda Sanctuary CSR Program (China); 2019 - Behind the Scenes at the Marine Mammal Center (USA)

Intercruises was also twice shortlisted for 'Best Shorex' at the 2019 Wave Awards, following their Wave Award win for 'Best Use of Technology' in 2018 and 'Best Shorex' in 2017. 

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