Global Workshop 2018 - Barcelona

The largest international gathering of Intercruises colleagues in the company’s history recently took place, as over 90 members of the global team, representing more than 40 different countries, traveled to Barcelona for FOCUS – the first ever Intercruises Global Workshop. 

Date: September 12-14th, 2018

Location: IESE Business School, Barcelona

“This was a very special workshop. Having so many colleagues from so many different countries in the same room was unprecedented. For many, including myself, it was the first time meeting a colleague in person – especially those that had traveled from as far as Australia, Africa, Asia and North America. It was extremely interesting for all regions to share trends, experiences and challenges, which went onto show that despite being worlds apart, our operations and services run very similarly. It was fantastic to see that the Intercruises’ spirit is still very strong, and following this event, we certainly have a lot to look forward to in terms of our future.” 

Olga Piqueras, Managing Director

The three-day event comprised various workshops, discussions, presentations and team-building activities, and offered the teams an effective platform to voice and share their ideas across teams representing all regions. The main points of interest for future focus were as follows: 

-Operations Efficiency 

-Service Quality

-Client Relationships -Digitalization 

“Having such an internationally diverse group of Intercruises colleagues made this workshop unique and incredibly valuable. For me, it was great to see that after 15 years and as we enter a new chapter in Intercruises history, there are still fantastic opportunities for growth. I am sure this workshop was a great experience for all involved – if anything it is just unfortunate that we could not invite the entire global Intercruises team!” 

Virginia Quintairos, Director Mediterranean