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Intercruises announces partnership with Aviem International for global emergency response program

First international cruise ship ground handler receives Go Team training.
Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services, an experienced global business offering first class ground handling and port agency services to the Ocean and river cruise industry, has announced a commitment to undertake full Go Team training in partnership with Aviem International, a global leader in providing emergency planning  and consulting services. This is the first time an international cruise industry port agent and ground handler has undergone this level of emergency response training.
The initial Go Team training session was completed in May, with an impetus on the operational aspects of responding to an accident or disaster and humanitarian considerations when assisting those affected. This included logistical responsibilities, the Go Team deployment process and Care Team training. Intercruises personnel will continue to take part in ongoing Go Team workshops and refresher courses, including simulated emergency situations.
“Intercruises has to be commended for what it is doing. We have worked with many cruise lines, but this is the first port agent and ground handler that is committed to being prepared at this level, providing unparalleled support to their clients and people who may be affected by unexpected events. This has provided us with a unique challenge as we create a new set of response plans totally customized to suit the needs of Intercruises and its clients. ” Said Jeff Morgan, President & CEO Aviem International Inc.
Those that volunteered for the training have job roles that enable them to be deployed suddenly with little or no affect to ongoing Intercruises operations. The first team of trained personnel is based in Europe and Asia, with a greater number to be trained worldwide. Intercruises will also have a ‘Train the Trainer’ accredited team, to teach personnel about Care Team practices at regular intervals in all regions. The Go Team will respond to incidents in which Intercruises is involved, but will also help other organizations if they need assistance in handling an emergency.
“As an international business working with the public on a regular basis, Intercruises needs to be prepared for the situations no one wants to prepare for. We want to be able to assist our partners during an emergency, utilizing the resources we have as a global ground handler and port agent to enhance response to an accident or disaster and provide support for those involved.” Said Mark Robinson, Intercruises Managing Director.  
As part of the program, Intercruises are now members and have the support of the Family Assistance Foundation, an independent non-profit organization with over 6500 trained accident and emergency responders worldwide.