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Global Platform

Based in the Barcelona Global Headquarters, the Intercruises Global Platform is a team of industry experts that works with all Intercruises regions and teams to support regional initiatives, ensure quality standards, enhance business efficiency, facilitate business development and strengthen client relationships. 

Cristina Palos

Business Processes Manager

Cristina is responsible for the planning and implementation of Intercruises' global projects, as well as identifying efficiencies and areas for support in all regions. She also leads the development of our ISO, Health & Safety and Sustainability processes and activities.

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Duncan Coady

Commercial Analysis Manager

Duncan monitors revenue trends, comparing actual performance with our global Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure we are on target. He also plays an active role in our commercial strategy, working closely with Senior Management and the Intercruises regions. 

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Louis Castaigne

Global Hotel Programs Manager

Louis is responsible for our Global Hotel Programs as part of Intercruises' Global Platform, working directly with Hotels, Cruise Lines and Intercruises in all regions. 

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Ramon Hurtado

Global Product & Operations Manager

Ramon a central product support team comprised of Turnarounds, Shore Excursion, Port Agency and Hotel Programs experts that oversee global delivery and service excellence, sharing best practcies and becoming central operations contacts for cruise lines.

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Carmen Morosan

Global Shore Excursions Manager

Carmen is responsible for leading Intercruises shorex development globally, researching new and innovative tours, identifying shorex delivery best practices and diversifying Intercruises product portfolio to match cruise line demographics. 

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Wen Ciu Lee

Global Turnarounds Manager

Wen is responsible for monitoring turnaround operation efficiency, delivering performance insights developing training programs, managing resources to support Intercruises global turnaround operations and implementing turnaround best practices across our regions.

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Robert Doma

Health & Safety Manager

Robert is responsible for the developing and implementing all Intercruises Health& Safety systems, which includes Emergency Response training, risk assessments, the maintenance and development of our emergency plans and Care Team & incident management

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Esther Arnalte

IT Manager

Esther manages the IT Department, developing systems to enhance our operations and business functions, including an operations staffing system, 24/7 technical support service and IT security protocols.

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Olga Piqueras

Managing Director

Olga is responsible for the global day to day management of the business, leading the Global Platform in working with all Intercruises regions. 

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Steve Denton

Marketing & Communications Manager

Steve coordinates Intercruises' global marketing activities, including Branding, Events, Communications and Sales Support.

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Celeste Gladstone

VP, Client Relationships

Celeste works closely with our global client contacts, understanding thier needs and providing service feedback to the Intercruises team, as well as identifying new business development partnership opportunities. 

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